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    I just read the FAQ at Who knew it has its own web address! Anyway, it says the following:

    Question: What is the shelf life of Rust Encapsulator?
    Answer: When unopened the shelf life is approximately 1 year. After opened or used the shelf life will be reduced to about 6 months. You can also open and close the can as often as you like with no harm to the product, not like similar products on the market.

    I guess I was surprised that it is so short. I have some that has been unopened for several years. What’s going to happen if I use it? I have used other oil based paints that are quite old and they worked fine. I guess it would be foolish to use it on something critical, but I could see using it on some shop equipment or maybe a trailer. One nightmare scenario would be if it looks fine, but never dries. Anyone ever try pushing the shelf liife envelope on this stuff?

    -Steve Trovato

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