Rust Encapsulator over Rustoleum Rust Reformer

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    I stripped off the rust on my car undercarriage, cleaned it up and painted the entire bottom and wheel wells with rustoleum rust reformer. I then came online and found rust encapsulator. The car is still up on a lift so I figure I should use rust encapsulator at this point.

    How should I prep the surface that has already been painted? I read that rust encapsulator binds well to rusted metal so I should have just used that product by itself.

    Should I prime the whole thing then put rust encapsulator on? If so, what primer is compatible with both products? The weather is giving me limited time here (days) so I don’t have much prep time. I am not looking for showroom results right now. “As effective as possible” will do. Thanks.

    edit: I will also say that this is the rustoleum rust reformer in an aerosol can, not that paint on stuff. Two different MDS labels and different product composition. This stuff reminds me more of a black primer than a true rust “convertor”. I might be able to get away painting right off this without a primer.

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