Rust Encapsulator over Jasco prep on bare metal

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    I am working on the restoration of a 74 Spider and have a question about coating the interior cabin sheet metal. I have removed the rusted portions of the floor pans and patched in replacement panels. This was about 30%-40% of the floor area.

    The balance of the other areas are rust free or have very negligible rust. A lot of the side and back surfaces by the trunk have no rust and the original paint is still there and performing well. I would like to give the entire interior a coat of paint and plan on using the Rust Encapsulator. I have chemically stripped the paint from the floor pans and tunnel and then washed and rinsed clean. The surfaces were then treated with Jasco vi a spray on application.

    1. What is the required prep to the Jasco treated bare metal surfaces for the RE product? Is a wipe down with Lacquer thinner sufficient or do I need to use a diluted solution of the Jasco and water say 1 to 5 and wipe the panels down with that and then the lacquer thinner orr some combination of sanding again? I am very gun shy about this as I have already applied a POR product to this area following the manufacturers recommendations for prep and it is peeling off after just 3 months. This resulted in having to re-strip the area and starting over. I do not want the next application to fail.

    2. There are some areas on the vertical panels like at the trunk and sides that have good solid original paint on them. Will the RE applicaition on top of the paint perform if the paint is roughed up with 100 -120 grit and then wiped with Lacquer thinner? I would prefer to not strip these areas if I can avoid it.

    Thanks for your help.


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