Rust Encapsulator as a Primer

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    I just read the post about there needing to be rust for the Rust Encapsulator to work properly. This has me very concerned, I had called in and asked the person on the phone at Eastwood if the Rust Encapsulator was usable as a primer in itself and was told most assuredly yes. I have been using it over scuffed epoxy primer and clean (no rust, no paint) steel as a primer for chassis paint. No one said I have to rust the surface (apply water first) and I don’t recall the instructions saying not to use on anything that wasn’t rusty.

    I have done three quarters of a car using the Rust Encapuslator as my basic primer for any interior or underneath areas. Do I have to strip the car and start over (1.5 years of work) if the RE wasn’t applied to rust in particular?

    Bil Herd

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