rust encapsulator and rustoleum primer

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    I hope I am doing this right, I haven’t used the forum before.

    I hope someone can answer this for me. We have been doing quite a bit of rust repair on various cars, mainly 30s vintage; welding in patches, using rust converter and topping it with rust encapsulator and following with top coats, but the other day I have noticed that Rustoleum has several primers, including something they recommend for heavily rusted (surface rust, I assume) metal.
    The cost is great, something like $30/gal.
    I hope I am not out of line being on Eastwood forum, but does anyone have any experience or thoughts on using this on projects of “lesser value”?

    I am still going to use encapsulator on my vintage rides, but some of the projects we do require a lot of rust primer, so the savings would be substantial.

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