Rust Encapsulator – Am I doing something wrong?

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    Anyone have trouble getting a smooth coat of rust encapsulator on? I’ve wire brushed frame and suspension parts to clean smooth metal, but when I apply rust encapsulator (with a brush or sponge brush) the application is extremely thick and grainy. Then, when its primed or painted, it just doesn’t look good – the smoothness is gone, its got lines / grains in it. Very disappointing. For a trial, I’ve cleaned, primed, and just painted with Chassis Black, and the results are excellent! A complete difference.

    Should I try the spray version and just go for a couple of coats?

    I really like the product and the protection I think it will give, but it just looks bad. How can I get an application so that I get the protection of RE, and the smoothness I’m looking for as well?

    Thanks in advance!

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