rust encapslator ..3 yrs on

Posted: September 28, 2005 By: steveo3002

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    okay 3 years ago i found a spot under my car where the sealant had come loose and let the car rust underneath

    so i scraped it all back to clean metal around the rust, then scraped ,wirebrushed it blah blah and put on 2 coats of encapsulator

    well today i thought it time i inspected it….there were a few tell tale brown spots showing but it didnt look major,so i scraped at it with a wood chisel and its now holed 🙁

    what im asking…is that whats expected?? i never painted the other side as it was perfect, the rust had formed due to the loose sealer ! it seems ive coated the rust but it carried on rotting underneath

    is there anything i couldve done differant?

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