Rust Converter clarification needed ASAP.

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    On Eastwood various web sites (e.g., tech Q&A, forum, etc) I get conflicting comments on Rust Converter use on bare metal

    Here’s two examples:

    From MattM “My first concern is the use of rust converter in your instance. Rust Converter is meant for very rusty, scaly areas and can ONLY be sprayed on heavy rust. The converter needs the presence of heavy rust to actually cure. In your first picture it looks like you just had surface rust and bare metal present. In that case I would have applied rust encapsulator only to the surface, then your primer and other top coatings. “
    Conclusion here is DO NOT USE ON BARE METAL

    From Free Tech Library, rust prevention it says:”A Breakthrough in Rust Protection!
    Eastwood’s Rust Converter is a unique two-part acidic paint that actually converts rust into an inert iron oxide. You can watch it work: from its original pinkish-beige color, it will gradually turn blue/black as it stabilizes rust. The perfect first step in sealing your rusty or bare metal surfaces, Rust Converter even converts rust you can’t yet see!”
    Conclusion here is you can use rust converter on bare metal surfaces.

    So, please clarify. I’m assuming you say Do Not Use on Bare metal. Since I do have on bare metal, it did dry OK. Assuming you’ll say to remove from bare metal, you say take it off. What is the best and easiest way to remove? Hopefully with some sort of liquid. Please advise, Thanks Mark

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