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    I have bought my college car back from the family I sold it to 25 years ago. The problem is it was flooded with brackish water up to the middle of the air conditioner inside the car. The water level dropped after a couple of days. The car has been sitting for 2 years without any attention. I looked at it very carefully before buying it back and the only concern I have is how to treat the rust that has formed in the seams and folds of the metal. Also the areas inside the structural parts of the chassis.
    Is there a product that will penetrate these areas and stop the rust process? If so, does it require soaking the parts in a solution or can it be applied in another way and get good penetration of these obscure areas.
    It goes without saying I intend to take the car completely apart bolt by bolt to restore it back to original condition.
    thanks, Gary

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