Rubberized Undercoating

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    The vehicle in question is a ’92 Jeep Cherokee. The floor pan has factory undercoat in places but it’s not full coverage by any means. I also have a number of different rust situations anywhere from surface rust to perforations.

    The perforations have been cut out and weld patched, with a front and rear floor pan replacement on the pass. side. My plan was to use spray “Rust Converter” on the cleaned up rusty spots, then coat with spray “Rust Encapsulator”.
    I was also going to coat all the welding seams and existing seams with rust encapsulator then with “Brushable Seam Sealer”. The final step was to be coat the entire floor with “Rubberized Undercoat”.

    My questions are:
    1. Where I’ve used the Rust Encapsulator, I’m sure I’ll have overspray on the existing factory undercoat. Will the Rust Encapsulator stick to the factory undercoat?
    2. Can I spray the Rubberized Undercoat over the Rust Encapsulator or do I need to topcoat the Rust Encapsulator with paint?

    My order is, wire brush and needle scale rust.
    Spray rust with Rust Converter.
    Spray entire floor with Rust Encapsulator.
    Apply seam sealer to all new seams and some existing seams.
    Spray entire floor with Rubberized Undercoat.

    I have already coated the inside of the frames with “Internal Frame Coating”.

    How does this sound?
    P.S. I’m refering to the underside of the floor, not the interior.

    thanks for your time,
    rob Jones

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