Rubber trim refinishing, did search and have more questions.

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    Eastwood gang;

    I have a 1995 nissan 240sx that I purchased in miami, FL. Needless to say the rubber trim that surrounds the windows is a bit grey and faded. It is still soft and pliable though.

    I see the SEM trim paint, which looks promising, but is this overkill?

    There was also talk of using silicone spray to rejuvinate the rubber and soften it back up. This idea seems great, however I will be painting this car within 6 months and have heard horror stories about what can happen to nice paint when the evil silicone monster rears its ugly head. Is this concern unfounded in this case? Because if it may be a problem I absolutely will not do this.

    I also remember eastwood having some sort of dye marker that could be applied. I cannot seem to find it anywhere!

    Any suggestions are welcomed, and thank you guys so much for the opportunity to post here!


    I attached a picture, and you can see the trim below the window in the one shot. I attached another photo just for giggles.

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