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    I posted in the ask eastwood forum, but always appreciate your advice…
    I either misunderstood, or got some bad information about sanding the basecoat before applying the clear. I am painting my car with eastwood quarter mile candy red (non-metallic), and 4:1 clear. I have already put down 2-3 coats of the base red last weekend and started to sand the base.
    1. Do I now need to put at least 1 wet coat of base before applying the clear?
    2. What do I need to be sure that the first coat layer of base coat sticks to the existing layer?
    3. Do I need to sand back down to primer? (please say no!!)
    4. Do I need to reapply primer?
    5. If I can just sand down the basecoat, what grit sandpaper? Does 800 have enough bite?

    Thanks for any help!

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