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    I’m a wrench bender, not a paint/ body guy so bear with me..I’m doing a resto on a 73 cuda. She originally had a vinyl roof. It was in tatters when I got the car. Don’t plan on putting another on.

    The roof of the car was rusted under the vinyl. I took a DA to it to get off all the heavy stuff and went old school w/naval jelly, steel wool and powered by armstrong. Now that most of the rust is gone and my forearms are like freakin’ eggplants, I need to find a product I can seal the stuff I couldn’t get off. The roof is now smooth bare metal for the most part

    What I’m looking for is something I can put on bare metal, seal the rust I couldn’t get out and be able to apply an epoxy primer over. I’m in the desert southwest, rust isn’t a big issue, but this cuda came from Jersey so she had some rust issues.

    Can I use the rust converter then primer or do I use the rust encapsulator then primer. Can I use these over the bare metal?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…………………………170bcuda

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