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    Want to repaint my ’92 Lexus ES300. Will do the bodywork slowly over the winter (north Idaho) in my garage. When it warms in spring, will erect a large tent, visqueen floor to keep down dust, will blow air into the tent to pressurize it, and will install an air compressor for final primer, base coat, and clear coat. Meanwhile: how can I quickly prime each panel as I finish it during Feb-May?
    The hood is heavily rock chipped, I’ll take off all of the original paint on that. Rear quarters have only 1 or 2 nicks, will do only spot filler and then scuff the original paint on those. I don’t want to roll the car out for each panel to fire up the compressor, besides, it’s generally too cold. DuPont advertises a 2K primer (4004S) that can be rolled on. This sounds like just what I want, however, local PPG store said this would not work (buildup issue?). Instead, they recommend their spray-can USC epoxy primer.
    I don’t understand the issues here: not enough buildup? not sandable? Can someone please advise whether either of these products would work for me, or if not, recommend something that would?

    P.S. Have viewed Kevin’s “Paint Your Own Car” multiple times, very good video.

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