rockers and sills where you can’t clean the rust

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    I was wondering what the experts say on this, I have both RE and Heavy duty Anti-Rust and a old unibody Italian car that of course has rust. Inside the sills and rocker panels, its not bad (not as bad as I thought anyway) and I want to protect it. There are 1″ drain holes in many places, should I shoot RE up there in large quantities ? or Anti-Rust ? its already rusted so my thought was RE since it converts the rust and I think of Anti-Rust as a preventive tool.

    My initial plan was to shoot RE everywhere and then Anti-Rust on top of that (I know seems silly but its a nice car and not a cheap one either, trying to keep it nice) My belief was that RE would convert the rust and Anti-Rust would go everywhere I missed but also put a top coat on RE to help it along in its task.

    I read elsewhere on this board in a earlier post, where Anti-Rust only was recommended, why would that be ? was it before RE ? (I didnt think of looking at the date) or is Anti-Rust that good ? I will NOT be able to scrape/brush the rust off but it is almost completely just surface rust.

    So which one ? or go with my original plan of both ?

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