Rocker Panel Repair

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    VW Rabbit race car, got crunched in the passenger door. I just purchased the econo stud welder and am ready to try and pull out the rocker. Anyone got any tips/techniques for a beginner?

    I was wondering if I should try cutting some access “doors” from the inside so I can bang on the rocker from the inside as I try to pull out the rocker.

    The lower door hinge may also be “tweaked”. I have access to a Porta-Power and will try to push out the lower hinge when I get the new door hung. Again, never worked with a Porta-Power, got any tips/techniques?

    Here’s a couple of pic’s…



    This was my first experience at door-to-door racing. So I figure I better learn how to work on the body as well as the mechanical.

    Thanks in advance for any advise,
    Future SCCA Race Driver

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