Rocker Panel repair on a unibody (porsche 944)

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    944 Dave

    I have a 944 with partially rusted out rocker panels under the door. I was assuming that I had to weld these and my plan was to use patch panels and weld them on. What I am wondering is if I can use either the eastwood no weld panel kit with the flush rivets and 2 part glue/sealer or a 3M equivalent panel adhesive. Also I have a stick welder and bought a stitch welder attachment for it, will this work for this type of steel panel? I have welded mild steel panels before with good results but this may be structural. I have seen video of body guys using the 3M panel adhesive with a spot welder and they welded through the adhesive, and I do have one of those 2/4 prong spot welder attachments for my stick welder as well.

    Any thoughts would be nice to have. This car is and has been a daily driver of mine for years and is lacking the TLC it needs although mechanically it’s nearly perfect. At the moment I am in the process of resealing EVERYTHING including the hatch glass which gets removed primed and resealed on tuesday if the roads have a bit less snow on em.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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