Restoring & Painting Hub Caps

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    I’m looking for some suggestions on hub cap restoration. I have stripped and repainted the hub caps in original silver. The lettering and and circle design that will go on top is set inside recesses pressed into the metal. Most people say to just paint the lettering by hand but I would like to try a different technique. Using a printing roller, I would like to hand roll a water-based liquid mask on the top surface of the hub caps… leaving the recessed areas exposed so I can later spray paint them. When dry, I would simply wash off the mask leaving the black lettering and design in the recesses. I did an initial test that was promising. When the surface is rolled, it leaves a perfectly crisp mask around the recesses. My problem is what to use as a mask. I need a liquid substance that is not runny… will not allow the black paint to penetrate and will ultimately wash off easily. Any suggestions?

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