Restoring Hardware (nuts and bolts)

Posted: December 31, 2009 By: jim elks

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    jim elks


    I’m painting and detailing the engine and engine compartment of my 55 Nash Metropolitan. I ‘ve media blasted all the nuts, bolts, studs, washers, etc. I want them to look nice but I don’t want to paint them, I love to tinker with this car and I don’t want to chip paint off the harware every time I work on it. I looked at polishing the hardware but you would still have to paint with clear to avoid rust, right? Would zinc plating work? would that have to be clear coated? Would it show tool marks? My car is not out in rain unless I get rained on at a show. Would black oxide work? I would prefer the silver color of the zinc but will use watever will hold up the best.

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