Restoring CJ With Frame Off

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    I am doing a frame-off on a CJ-5 that I purchased and I am currently sandblasting the bottom of the tub removing as much rust as possible. My question about the tub is: What would be the best product to spray either by a siphon gun or any air forced means to get between the multiple overlapping seams to at least stop the rust before topcoating, (Fast Etch Rust Remover, Eastwood Rust Converter, Heavy Duty Antirust etc.)? Also, I need the best product that I could use inside the tub support channels that run underneath and I would like to use the same product inside the windshield frame (I can apply through the threaded hinge holes), and inside the frame chassis. Will not be able to topcoat inside the windshield frame, so I guess I need something that will kill and seal as well.
    Would like to stay away from topcoating whatever I paint I use under the tub or on the frame, Can the Encapsulator paint be sprayed over sandblasted metal? I know it does not need to be topcoated, so I would like to use it if it will stick to clean metal. Also considered using this paint even inside the frame, you think it could be forced through a brass pump spray nozzle, I can attach it to tubing to pull through the frame.

    Thanks in Advance for any advice.

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