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Posted: January 9, 2006 By: sorroy

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    Hello guys,
    This looks like a great site just found it tonight doing searches on google. I am going to restore my 91 mustang but the under of the car has some rust on it, Why it has rust ? ( I live in Montreal Canada ) LOL . Anyways I was thinking about getting it media blasted but is quite expensive. Where im working on this car is my dads wharehouse wich means I can’t make a mess in there. I have seen the different products offered here and sounds like great stuff but need a few anwsers from the experts please:

    What would be the proper steps to take to do this to restore the under of my car?

    I am willing to grind and have steel brushes too. But to get rid of the rust in the small holes and stuff what product should I use.

    PS: I would like to give the under of the car a new look like a brand new car almost. And I will be bringing it to get rust proofed with grease after the car is done. Thanks for your advice team. Ya one more question, will it be a hassol to get the products to Canada or should I get them right in Canada becose of customs or something like that.

    Thanks for all the info.

    UPDATE: I have seen a few threads here about the rust dissolver and the oxisolv rust remover. Im just wondering can these products keep working after a while (could it eat through pure metal with no rust?)
    So im wondering wich one to use. Thanks for the expert advice.

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