Respraying/Fixing New Clear Coat

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    Ok, so I am painting my son’s truck. I’ve used the Eastwood Boulevard Black basecoat and the Eastwood European clear coat. Everything has gone very well til now. I’ve got a good dose of orange peel. I expected to have some, but not quite this bad. I’ve done the 1500, 2000, 3000, compound and polish. Looks a lot better, but still not to the level I wanted it to be. I know I shouldn’t expect showroom results on my first attempt, but I’m not afraid of a little work either so I’d like to make it as good as possible. However, I’m nervous about going through the clear. I’ve seen all the warnings about how thin it is, etc. I laid down two medium wet coats. I think I may need to step down to 1000. My question is… The “what-if”. What if I go through the clear? What is the proper way to handle that? Would stopping now and just reapplying clear on top of this (after a scuffing) be the right approach vs. wet sanding/buffing?

    Any constructive advice is greatly appreciated.


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