Respraying New Clear Coat

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    I’ve decided my orange peel is bad enough to warrant a respray of the clean coat. I am using the Eastwood European Clear on Boulevard Black. What is the proper prep to do this (i.e. scuffing, 400, 800, etc.)? I have already done a wet sand and buff which is how I came to this determination of needing a respray. When I’ve asked others locally about this I always get the “raised eyebrow” and “I don’t know about that, are you sure it’s that bad?” sort of response. This is my first real paintjob (my son’s truck) and while I don’t want to throw dollar after dollar at it, nor do I expect a showroom level quality, I would like it look as good as I can make it. I sprayed the bed separately and it turned out very well (I had my mix thinned better and my technique was a lot better).

    If you have a minute to throw some advice my way I would appreciate it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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