Repairing rusted panels: vintage porch glider

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    I’m in the middle of restoring a vintage King porch glider–it’s mostly in great shape, but has some pitting, small holes, and few 5-6″ cracks in the seat, which is sheet metal. It was manufactured in the 1950’s; I had a welder come over, but he suggested I try gluing a patch panel on instead.

    My plan was:
    – get a 16-gauge sheet of sheet metal, about 20×10″
    – bend it to match curve, drill holes using step bit that are slightly larger than square holes in seat
    – glue panel to underside of seat
    – use body filler to fill in pits, smooth out surface
    – prime and paint

    I was considering using:
    – No Weld Panel Adhesive Replacement — 31087
    – Eastwood Contour Aluminum Repair Compound 25.3 oz — 13518ZP

    I’m working on a very limited budget (out of work), so I don’t want too much excess material. I also need it to have decent strength, as it’s a seat; handle temperature changes and humidity (outdoors in Georgia); and be easy to work with. I’ve worked with epoxies and body fillers some in the fast, so not a total novice.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!



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