Repair shows after painting. Help, por favor!

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    relatively new at this bondoing, painting biz. i’ve done about 1/2 dozen patch jobs — fenders, rust repair, etc. But, almost every time i spray primer over the bondo/filler patch, i can see the point where the bondo meets the metal — thru the paint. What am i doing wrong?

    I suspect i’m sanding too much filler off. I’m trying to get it even with the surface of the car, but by the time i get it sanded down to that point, seems like i’ve gone too far.

    should i maybe feather the bondo or filler — typically, i end up using some type of fiberglass filler, then glazing putty over it — an inch or two beyond the point where it meets the metal? Just concerned that it will then be higher than the rest of the car.

    thanks, in advance.

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