repainting the old rust bucket

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    I recently began resurecting a 1953 plymouth. I have never involved my self in this early stage of a restoration. I took the car apart took the parts to a sandblaster who removed 99%of the rust. the metal was pitted but still had a little rust in the pits. I immediately shot every part with eastwood rust encpasulator ( a friend had some that he gave me). After the fact I realize that perhaps I should have studied this more throughly before just putting this on the car.
    Now I am not sure what kind of primers I can put over this. I don’t know what kind of topcoat I can put over it. I don’t know if I should have even used the product inthis manner.
    I planned to leave it like this for a few weeks while I did repairs to the floor boards. Then take the car back apart, sand it and put anpother coat of the encapsulator on the parts. Then use some primer on it.
    Does this sound like a plan or a folly?
    What about welding any metal that has the encapsulator on it?
    Should I remove the encapsulator?

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