repainting patio furniture

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    Not sure this subject is appropriate in EW forums (not related to auto) but here goes.

    I’ve got a couple of resin lounge chairs that I painted with Rustoleum paint a few years back (I didn’t use primer).

    Well, as expected the paint isn’t holding up very well and I’d like to repaint them.

    I’ve sanded down the “flaky” areas and the lounge chairs are ready for primer and/or paint.

    Since I now have EW Contours guns I have a couple of questions:

    is primer necessary and if so, what kind of primer should I use?

    can I then use a single phase paint to finish off the chairs?

    Comment: surface is mostly Rustoleum over resin (its in decent shape) and there are a few spots where I sanded it just resin exposed.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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