reorienting the thrift store oven

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    Maybe this has been done before and I’ve just thought of something semi-obvious, but while working on my larger 6′ H x 3′ W x 2′ D oven build, I’ve been wanting to coat some longer items that do fit in my thrift store kitchen oven but can only be hung from a single hole in the end of the part and would hit the floor of the oven if I tried to hang them in there like that.

    My moment of inspiration came when I had the new larger oven shell laying on its back on the floor so that I could work on the bottom. If I could reorient the big oven to work on it, why not reorient the smaller oven to a more favorable position for curing?

    I had already taken the burners and top plate off a while a ago, so I just had to pull the storage drawer out, install some hold down cleats on the front feet of the element, remove the door hinge springs, and tip her over. The curing volume that was 22″ W x 16″ H x 18″ D is now 16″ W x 18 ” D x 22″ H. Next steps are to fasten a rack to the new “ceiling” and bolt the door to the hinges (they’re the safety kind where the door slides off if you put too much weight on it – which it does readily with the oven sitting on its side).

    Anyway, just thought I’d share my satisfaction in case anyone else without a big oven needed to cure some longer parts hung by one end. I guess you could go a step further if really needed and partially tilt it so the diagonal of the interior space is oriented vertically…

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