Refinishing Steel Wheels

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    I am in the process of refinishing the steel wheels for my Triumph TR6. I bought the Argent Silver, Self-Etching Primer, and Diamond Clear (all aerosol) to paint the wheels after having them media blasted down to clean, bare metal. I just got the wheels back from the media blaster and they cleaned up really nicely. However, there are some seams between the disk portion of the wheel and the rim that I’m concerned may still have a touch of rust way down in there that the blaster wasn’t able to get to. I can’t say for sure there is anything in there but I really can’t tell. I did try to wire brush down in there and nothing came out but I’m still suspicious.

    Can I brush some Rust Converter down into the seams to neutralize anthing that may be in there, let it dry, clean with Pre then apply the self-etching primer to the entire wheel? Would Fast Etch be better for this? I do have some Rust Encapsulator that I could use but I’m not sure doing parts of the wheel with different primers is the best way to go. Any other ideas?

    All thoughts appreciated; thanks for your help!


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