Refinishing BBS magnesium & Fikse race wheels…???

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    I am new to the forum here, and haven’t been able to leave the computer for hours looking at everyones work. I was wondering if you guys could help with a project at our shop???

    We have numerous sets of BBS Magnesium, and Fikse race wheels laying around our shop in pieces, and have decided to refinish them for our street cars since we can no longer use them on the race cars.

    We have gathered up the pieces to make full sets, and have begun the PC process, but some issues have come up….

    The first center I “shot” on my wheels, I had a problem with getting an even coverage. The low spots in the “mesh” were light. The second center I did, I must have put too much powder on, and got an ugly surface. Any ideas on getting the low spots without over shooting??

    Second, I am using Eastwood Cast Iron for the centers, for a “gunmetal” look. Is this a special color, that requires a basecoat i.e. (reflective chrome??), and then a clear coat??? Same for Wrinkle Black that is being used on the BBS wheels..??

    What can I do to help prevent scratching the lug holes when I remove my wheels to put my race tires on??

    Do you guys think there could be a problem with extreme heat with a magnesium wheel…(curing in the oven)

    Also some of our wheels were adonized black. Removing this finish was VERY tough, but found that with some prep work, (slight sanding, and Scotch Brite) you could PC over the adonize black. It seems alright??

    Sorry for so many questions, but you guys seem to really know what you are doing….

    Can anyone help us out….

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