refinish fiberglass hood….HELP!

Posted: January 27, 2006 By: supertrick_05

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    This is my attempt to save some money on refinishing my fiberglass hood I just purchased. I have one picture of it:


    Now, I want this hood to be a satin/semi-gloss black and I’m going to have a professional paint the top of the hood, but I need to save some money, so I’m going to paint the bottom of the hood. I’m also going to take a scuff pad and scuff the surface of the top of the hood so he doesn’t have to, and mask the bottom off for him….just prime and paint. I have a lot of questions though….

    1. What grade of scuff pads do I want to use on the gelcoat?

    2. What’s the precedure to refinish the underside of the hood myself?

    3. Is it possible for me to refinish the underside with spray can primer and paint?

    4. Is it possible for me to refinish the TOPSIDE with spray can primer and paint and have it come out good, or should I let the pro handle it?

    5. Would the Eastwood underhood black be a good color for me to use?

    6. Would it be cheaper for me to buy a quart of satin black from Eastwood and have the pro paint with that, or have him paint with his products?

    I just want to save as much money as possible and still have a good refinished hood. I’m pretty sure I can do the underside myself and have it turn out fine, but I’m not sure about the rest. Please help me with as much as you can. Thanks!


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