Recomened procedure for re-coating alum

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    I have a number of small parts that I am stripping and recoating. These are all machined alum which currently have a matt finish black powder coat on them.

    currently, I bead blast the part to remove all the old coating.
    I blow off the part with hipressre (dred) air then powder coat being very careful not to touch the bare metal. I do not use any sort of surface prep (after all its freasly blasted bare metal right?)

    I am using the “orginal hotcoat gun” with the powder from the Deluxe kit.

    I am getting good results- but not “great” results. I put screws in all the threaded holes, and I notice I get “thin spots” around the screw holes- no matter how careful I am about dusting.

    I have 2 air dryers in line (one at the compressor, one at the spray booth) and I use 7 psi. (I have tried both slighty higer and slighty lower temps with no real change).

    So my question is, If I came to you with a small alum part that was currently powder coated, what procedure would you use to get the best results.

    I’m thinking of “should I buy fluidizing attachment and or H-P deflector”?
    Should I be using PRE- even thought it is bare metal?
    Should i pre heat the part before applying the powder?

    As I indicated- I’m gettin good results, but not good enought that I would sell the work, so I was wondering what the procedure you would use if you were going to do it.



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