Rebuilding 355 Chevy Blower Motor

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    Im having a machine shop look at my 350 chevy but im trying to make sure that they don’t go over board with suggestions on parts for the motor and wanted to get your alls input.
    I will be running B and M 6-71 Blower at 10lbs of boost with a 350 4 Bolt Main bored 30-over, the crank is a forged + polished + balanced gm stock crank, heads are double hump cast 60cc with double springs, Two 4160 Holley Carbs, MSD Ignition with boost retard control, Mallory distributor, Hooker Competition Headers that go to a 4 in side pipe with no restriction at all ( the neighbors are gonna hate me 😀 ) 350 Turbo Trans Built to the Hilt 3800 stall and 3:73 rear gears
    Any suggestions for pistons, valves and rings that are not to terribly expensive but will hold up for a few years would be greatly apprecieated.
    Or any other suggestions for that matter as the machine shop has not called me back yet for a total estimate and im just trying to prepare myself the best I can, Thanks guys. 🙂

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