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    While thumbing throu my EASTWOODS catalog, drawing up my xmas wish list, I note “rebuild kits” for powder coating guns… this may be a silly question, but because I would like to know the answer I’m going to ask it.. what problems would you be seeing with your pc gun that would prompt you to “rebuild it”… are they just replacement parts for worn / lost ones.. do the static tubes etc get worn throu use with the powder being “blasted” throu them..

    I have just started haveing a serious “play” with my HotCoat Gun, and are very pleased with the results, it is so easy once you get the “hang of it”.. if it is in my garage, made of metal, small and not bolted down it has been pc’ed !!.. Just built a little booth, very basic and a secondhand domestic oven.. the oven was a major expense $1.00 !! got on the New Zealand equiv of EBay.. people remodelling their kitchen, out with the “old” oven, in with the new…

    I would like to find a source of powder a bit closer to home, (New Zealand).. I have had no problems dealing with EASTWOODS, but freight / postage is a real killer !! I could purchase it throu wholesale / trade suppliers, but I suspect not in small / home user quantities… Powder has an ideal shelf life / use before date ??

    Back to the catalog and my wish list !!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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