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    I’m restorodding a 64 Chrysler 300, no not the letter car, and the rear window had a water leak at some time. I need to repair the rear package shelf and was wondering if there were any products for this. Its some sort of “cardboard” and hasen’t really been damaged that badly, except for one corner. The rest of it is just faded. It’s not like the regular package shelf that’s just flat. It curves over the edge down behind the rear seat and is used to hide the trunk board behind the seat back. I’d like to get a new one but I’ve looked around and tried to find one for 3 years now and they’re just not made, I guess, and the few I’ve found in the bone yards are much worse than mine. We “C” body Mopar guys are Chrysler’s step children when it comes to restoring a car! :rolleyes:

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