Ready for base/clear unsure on how to proceed

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    mr overkill

    So my truck is all in slicksand and blocked out.

    I am unsure how to proceed with the paint to prevent paint issues since i never shot base in steps

    I Want to shoot the underside of the hood the inside of the fenders the door jamb, trunk jamb and the firewall

    I will tape all unpainted parts at the body seams and edges

    install those parts and then shoot the truck After taping all painted areas. but i am worried about the area where the parts i shot and the fresh parts i will shoot Im not to worried about hard lines because i figure some 1500 and buffing will take care of that bit is there a issue with paint lift at the “seams” or am i looking to deep into this and just proceed.
    my plan is to do the above sunday and let it sit till saturday and shoot the truck to give it some time to “dry”

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