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    A few months ago. I bought an Iwata airbrush,and compressor.
    I have been refreshing my pinstriping. So I left it in box.
    Thursday, I decided to try it out.Had bought paint and a few extra colors.

    I love it! But I have one question. I received a spare filter for the compressor.Nice thought.
    And I have (3) metal pieces. bagged separately. They are small round fittings.
    With seals at one end. Threaded at both. And each bag has it’s own name.
    I believe Paache is one.Have it at my studio. And AIR PAINT just is used as in bottles?
    Don’t want to cheat anyone. Not mentioned in brochure.Going to try and do the realistic flames.As the theory is exactlly like doing a canvas painting.

    One last question. Does turning down pressure.give a more controlled line?
    Or finer outline.Also really like the the striping brush, I bought that is advertised. As knowing what you want to do. Can’t think of his name.Cool brush.Going to get some more.
    Thanks for any help…….Rob

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