RE then what? Rage? Sealer?

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    Hudson Mike

    Ok here is the status. After stripping – We sandblasted my 47 Hudson Pickup truck. All of the body – Bed etc. Lots of bondo etc was removed and some metal patches revealed. As you can imagine the metal is corse. We then sprayed it with several coats of RE. The club guys swear by this and I am sold on it. Now here on the west coast of Florida the story I get from the club gurus is that if I put a bondo like filler on it I have to cover that in a few hours with either an epoxy primer or use a sealer primer medially. BUT if I use a fiber hair filler that it won’t allow the moisture to migrate through the filler. Sooooo here is the question. Oh yeah I want to stay with Eastwood products.
    RE is on it now
    Next I will use Rage? or Lite? you tell me.
    Then how long do I have to put a sealer down and what sealer?
    Remember Florida high humidity heat yada yada.
    Not painting it for a while.

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