RE over sand blasted frame

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    I am working on a 92 Blazer AWD 400 SBC project. I have sand blasted the frame down to bare metal and I was wondering if i should use the RE just because several areas were pitted and Im worried that rust could come back, or can i just use some good enamel primer and enamel paint? I was planning on using POR-15 but the article here turned me off that and on to the RE. I dont know what to do now.

    Also, is there an eastwood product for “caulking” joints? like on a pickup truck bed, or joints in floor pans? I need it for those applications and was also wondering about on a 2 peice box frame, filling that joint for a seamless appearance? could i use a household paintable (non latex) caulk such as OSI? I am looking for something show quality so I hope there is something besides household caulk for this problem

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