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    I just sprayed part of a inner fender skirt with RE this afternoon and was planning to cover it with Eastwoods black SE primer in the morning. I have read that it is best to wait 48 hrs to a week to put primer over it. I think the can says 6-8 hours? Also, I am planning on covering the SE Primer with Eastwoods Underhood black which I believe is a lacquer. I’ve read that there can be problems with spraying lacquer over RE but I assume spraying the the primer over the RE will take care of that.
    In other words here is what I am doing. I am removing and completely sanding and stripping all the underhood compartment of the car, washing and cleaning it all VERY well, wiping down with PRE, spraying RE over anything that has a hint of rust on it and then 6-8 hours later spraying all the parts with SE primer then applying two light coats of Underhood Black. Should everything be OK.

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