Re-coating epoxy primer

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    I am confused concerning refreshing the epoxy primer before going forward with the additional coats of hi-build 2K primers, etc. After getting the pieces sandblasted locally, my procedure has been to epoxy prime with the Eastwood primer and generally go directly to the 2K primer. The problem is that often I am not able to cover the epoxy primer and it sits weeks before I can proceed. Reading the tech sheet from Eastwood led me to believe that I could scuff the epoxy and proceed directly to the 2K urethrane primer, although reading through the threads here, it would suggest that the epoxy has to be re-covered with a 2nd coat of epoxy before going to the 2K. Can you give me a definitive answer to this? The tech sheet doesn’t seem to suggest the 2nd coat of epoxy. It would make it much easier if able to avoid it although I do want the paint to hold up long-term. Thanks, phil w.

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