RE as a base b-4 primer? Scratchss off easy

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    I have no rust on a BMW restore. I was thinking RE would work well as a rust prevention on areas prone to future rust years down the road. I’ve done a few test panels first and not sure RE is going to work very well.

    I’m thinning RE w/ 10% Laqure thinner and HPLV spray on bare steel after sanding w/ 120 and/or 80 grit paper, cleaning steel with degreaser @ 70 deg F. and letting it dry 6-8 hours after painting. I then spray a coat of HOK #KP-21, 2-part Epoxy primer over the top of the RE.

    My first question is: RE never really seems to dry very hard, after 24-48 hours I’m still able to scratch it off with my finger nail (before primer). Is my primer going to adherer w/o scratching off after spraying primer over RE. My test panels say’s… NO!

    Question 2: Would I be better off not using RE this way. When I do a test panel with just primer only, I can’t hardly scratch/scrape it off with a screwdriver 24 hours later, let alone a finger nail. When using RE as a first down coat- it scratches right off.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    I’m about to spray $2500 worth of HOK paint and don’t want a failed paint job due to a $30 qt of RE paint that won’t stick or becouse I’m not using correctly or is not compatable with HOK Epoxy primer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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