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    I have a few aluminum pieces that I have sandblasted that I would like to polish and prepare for paint. I have 14″ rims and a valve cover, I would like to polish the wheels to a mirror finish. The valve cover I would like to polish the letters and paint the rest. I see alot of tips on buffing and polishing aluminum but its always finished products not raw or sandblasted products.
    Should there be any steps in between the sandblasting and buffing I should take, like sanding and/or cleaning. Until now I have only been sanding until I found a media blaster. The sanding gets the surface smooth but doesn’t give it that luster. I recently purchased a buffer and I’m waiting for the rouge to come in, but I’m not to clear on the whole process.
    Help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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