Rat Rod Satin Issue

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    So my friend (the painter) and I have been fighting spraying my car in Satin Black Urathane.

    I used Eastwood 4:1 Urethane Primer Black on the whole car and it laid out pretty nice, little block sanding and she was smooth.

    The Rat Rod Satin Black Urethane went on pretty good in the jams and under the hood. A little orange peel but acceptable.

    When we laid down the first coat on the car, it was Ok. Second coat went to hell quick. Orange peel like leather. Spent a day sanding off 2/3 of the car that got painted before we stopped.

    My painter call the Eastwood hotline and got a few thing to try but none of it worked. We’ve varied the pressure at the gun 10-13 psi, mixed it 3:1 with activator, mixed it 3:1:1 with both mid temp and high temp reducers, tried 90 degree reducer with 60-70 air temp to let the paint flow out, per the help line we narrowed the gun pattern and slowed the speed.

    We tried a Eastwood HVLP gun as well and another brand…we are using a 25 ft 3/8 line, 3/8″ air fittings, and just a moisture trap and digital pressure gage at the gun to eliminate pressure drops.

    We burned a gallon of paint painting one coat on a RX7 and the rest testing different things!

    I just ordered 2 more quarts of satin, but at this point I’m thinking of just re-primering the whole car and putting a satin clean on!

    Not sure what to do next…would the primer with satin clear even hold up as a last resort?

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