RAL POwder & Liquid Paint match

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    Hey All:
    Just a FYI
    Many of you may know that many of the powders we purchase have a “RAL” code # assigned to them. Using this RAL code you can be pretty certain that the color of the powder or paint that you purchase will be pretty darn close no matter where you purchase it from.
    You also can purchase RAL liquid spray paint cans for touch up that will match the color of the RAL powder you may have used. It also is great to color match items that cannot be powder coated because of the curing temps. For example plastic or wood.
    Realizing it can get costly to stock a spray paint can for every match of your powder. I found out some info that you all might want to know in a jam.
    I recently powder coated a antique cast iron bed frame. The woman picked a RAL # 4005 (pretty ugly shape of purple). Later she came in with some wood trim she wanted to color match. But she needed it in a quart can (brush on) not a spray paint can.
    I shot a sample of the RAL powder & went to my local hardware (true value). They have the abilty to scan an item to try & mix a matching color. While I was their I was telling the store manager that “the Liquid paint industry needed to get more uniform with the RAL Powder codes to make it easier to match colors”. He said “He never heard about RAL codes”.
    So I’m a nosey bugger, & while he is trying to scan & copy my RAL sample on his computer I look over his shoulder & see that there is a RAL tab on his computer!!!
    I ask him to “click on the RAL tab” & what do you know it opens a page that contains all the recipes to make liquid paints to match the RAL codes.
    So if you have a local hardware or any place that can mix paints with a computer, ask them if they have the RAL charts. If so, you can have them make liquid paint to match you RAL powder colors.
    Good Luck

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