Radiator Support Welding patch for 01 f-150 radiator support bracket

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    I purchsed a slavage 01 f-150 supercrew truck and I’m currently working on fixing the radiator support bracket by replacing the driver side portion of it with a after market part. Here is the current Radiator support bracket on the truck . I have purchased a new aftermarket radiator support bracket which I’m going to use the blue square portion to replace the driver side radiator support bracket. I’m going to use a mig welder to weld the two pieces together. The passenger side of the support bracket is in perfect shape so I’m going to leave it alone. My question is when I get ready to weld the new patch piece to the old piece should they overlap each other at the ends or should I try and get them to be flush to the ends and weld a solid bead for a smoother look. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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