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    Tony H

    I am investigating the feasibility of powder coating some parts of my project. I am a beginner. My question has 2 unrelated parts.

    1. In judging is powder coating considered a correct finish for parts that were originally painted assuming the correct gloss level is used? I am going for a correct, original restoration not custom but would like to powder coat. I would have the large pieces done at a commercial shop (sub frame, axle)

    2. I already have some components needed for coating. A blast cabinet, a oven left over from a remodeling job and a place to build a booth. Assuming for example I am coating a suspension A arm how would I support it while coating and then place it in the oven without disturbing or touching the coated piece? All the holes will be plugged. Do I need to fabricate something that will hold the work piece at the proper orientation so it will fit in the oven sideways? How would I support a spring without leaving a mark somewhere? Is it OK to heat a spring? I have seen it done but that does not mean it is OK.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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