Rack & Pinion steering help

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    Been working on my 64 Chrysler 300 for years now thanks to an unscrupulous speed shop that I let take me to the cleaners. It’s what happens when logic and attention are replaced with exuberance and stupidity! That was a few years ago and now I’m determined to get this car back on the road, but I’m :confused:

    I’m now trying to finish the car myself and hopefully get it on the road by next spring/summer. Finally got the car started, which I take as a major accomplishment for myself with my limited tools and knowledge. When I tried to turn the wheels found that turning them to the left was a job, really tight, and turning to the right the steering wheel snapped back with quite a bit of force, enough to hurt someone!

    There are 2 lines from the power steering pump to a box mounted on the frame with an adjustable knob on the top, adjustable pressure valve to the rack (?), then 2 lines from the box on the frame to the rack. Could the problem be that the hoses may be reversed, or pressure is out of whack and can be adjusted with the knob on the box, or worst of all the rack is no good? How do I begin to figure this out?

    Made sure pump was full of power steering fluid. All lines are pressure rated braided steel with AN (?) connections.

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