Questions on fillers, primers and filter/dryers

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    Hey I was wondering if someone could help me regarding body fillers, primers and filter/dryers for priming and painting. My Mustang is currently on a rotisserie and I am almost done with the steel work. After getting it sandblasted I coated it with Eastwood’s AfterBlast. Over the weld seams on the floor I am using Eastwood’s lead-free body solder. I was wondering what sort of filler would be best to use over that as well as on other areas of the car that I want to fill but not with body solder? I know that the acids in the lead-free filler tinning compound and in AfterBlast might not work with some fillers. I was planning on using Eastwood extreme chassis black on the bottom of the car but was thinking about first epoxy priming the whole thing. Do I need to sand the entire car before applying epoxy primer? Should I use epoxy primer before chassis black? Also, which filter/dryer would work well for my air compressor? I’m looking for something that will do the job decently without breaking the bank too much as I am home hobbyist and not a professional. Anyway, thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.

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