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    OK, finally sat thru the whole video. Got a few questions now.

    What do you do, or should I say what do I do, when I make a mistake during a job? With one shot and this Smoothie, can it be easily wiped off?? What about other linework in the area??

    Is there any videos of using other striping brushes??

    How much would you charge for doing that Corvette in the video??

    I see a lot of pictures of awesome artwork on websites but, no one ever mentions how long they took or how much was actually paid for the work.

    That sure would be helpful to a new guy.

    Can model paints be used for learning to stripe? I’ve got a bunch of them but, I don’t want to ruin my brushes using them…

    OK, that’s enough for now.. Now, where’s my brush…

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